Saturday, April 12, 2008

Reading Roundup 4/12/08

April 19-20, 2008 are the dates for the Civil War Living History weekend at Ramsey House in Knoxville. Read about the event at KnoxViews.

I can't wait for Smokey Mountain Breakdown to post the photo that goes along with these tasty-sounding sweet potato fries. (The recipe calls for sesame seeds and Cajun seasoning.)

Suitable for Mixed Company has a post with lots of interesting links -- a history of America's first hospital and a look at one of those stories that gets passed around the Internet with links to a 1912 sermon from which it was likely taken. (Did you notice my use of "my punctuation mark" -- the dash?)

Amory, Mississippi's Railroad Festival starts on Thursday. I was in middle school when the first of these was held. I remember Steam Train Maury Graham's visit to an assembly at our school that year. We were all able to take train rides along the old Mississippian Railway. I got to ride at least twice that year. I see that there is no hobo parade this year. I've heard a rumor that this may be the last year for the festival. I hope that's not the case. Every town needs a festival of some sort -- and with Amory's railroad heritage, it seems fitting.

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