Thursday, April 24, 2008

On Blog Aggregators/Readers

I set up my blog feeds in Bloglines a long time ago. I've stuck to it for a long time, but I'm debating switching to Google Reader for everything. I have two "problematic" blog feeds in Google Reader now. For some reason, when I click through from Bloglines to one of Janice's posts, I get an "HTTP 403 Forbidden" message and then have to reload the page. That works, but it gets tiresom, so I've set her up through Google Reader. My other problematic blog feed from Bloglines is the well-known Knoxville blogger Glenn Reynolds known as Instapundit. About a month ago, I started getting only one to three posts a day through the feed at Bloglines. I get them all using Google Reader. It makes me wonder how many other posts I'm missing with Bloglines. It won't be fun adding all the feeds, but once it gets done. I've resisted making a complete switch, but I may make the switch gradually as I have time. By the way, I've emailed the problem with Glenn's blog to Bloglines, but they've not responded with a solution. Do they even read their comments? Can you tell that I'm growing increasingly frustrated?


Kathryn Doyle said...


The "settings" page on Google Reader states: "If you are switching from another feed reader, you can import your existing subscriptions into Google Reader. To do this, you first have to export your subscriptions in a standard format called OPML."

It gives instructions for the various services, including Bloglines.

Just click on "Manage Subscriptions" on the main Google Reader page to get to settings page.

Good luck!

Thomas MacEntee said...


Google Reader is the only blog reader I've ever used and it seems to be close to problem free.

I also have it installed as a Google Gadget on my iGoogle page. This means I can get a snippet view, with pictures, from iGoogle and then if I decide I want to read the entire article, I can open it full force.

Moultrie Creek said...

You don't have to manually add each subscription in Google Reader. Bloglines has a feature (in the left sidebar under Additional Features) to Export Subscriptions. Click on it and save the export.opml file on your computer. Now go to the Settings page in Google Reader and click on Import/Export. Upload the opml file you just saved and all your subscriptions are now in Google Reader too.

Janice said...


I emailed Bloglines over a year ago and they told me it was the fault of the blog. Well if that was the case why does GoogleReader work so well? (which is what I use now).