Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Obligatory Car Post

I will admit that this is one of the least exciting carnival topics for me. I'm just not one to get excited about cars. I want a dependable car that gets me to where I need to go. In fact, as I searched through my photos, I decided that if it weren't for a couple of nephews that I wouldn't have had any photos of my first two cars. I located no photos of the other three cars I've owned, including my current one!

This green 1976 Toyota Corolla was the car in which I learned to drive. I loved that little car. The pickup truck was a Dodge Ram, and it was my dad's.

My next car was a 1979 Dodge Omni. The "bottom" fell out of this one while I was in college so it didn't really last but about 5 years.

After that was the car that least fit my personality--a hand-me down Ford LTD. I think it was a 1980 or 1981 model. I don't really know. It was an ugly pastel blue color.

I was really glad when I finally purchased a 1989 Toyota Tercel. I had it for about 9 years. It was a blue color, but a nice shade of blue--kind of a slate blue color.

I currently drive a 1998 Honda Civic. It's a blue also. I really wanted red, but they didn't have red on the lot so I got the blue one because I liked the interior better than the interior of the green one.

The above was my favorite family vehicle--not the Honda CRV, although I do like that, but the "Minnie Winnie." Brumley wishes he could go camping again in it, but we no longer have it.

This is a better photo of it. Dad is sitting outside.

Here's Brumley enjoying his camping trip! This concludes this post submitted for the Carnival of Genealogy.

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