Thursday, December 03, 2015

Land of Contrast: A History of Southeast Colorado

Athearn, Frederic J. Land of Contrast: A History of Southeast Colorado. Denver: Bureau of Land Management, 1985.

Chapters in this government publication include:

  1. The Natural Setting
  2. The First Europeans
  3. An American Invasion
  4. The New West Is Explored
  5. Early Agricultural Settlement
  6. Pike's Peak or Bust
  7. Confrontations: Removal and Transition
  8. A Period of Transition: Into the 1870's
  9. A Time of Building, 1870-1880
  10. Into Maturity, 1880-1900
  11. A Period of Change: 1900-1920
  12. Hard Times: 1920-1940
  13. From War to Prosperity: 1940-1980

It's available at many Federal Depository Library Program libraries and at HathiTrust Digital Library.

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