Friday, December 11, 2015

Take out Your Pencils and Number Your Paper from 1 to 20

Like clockwork, students heard these words on the day of the spelling test. Did you think I was kidding on Monday when I said a test would be given Friday? Let's see how well you remember your spelling and vocabulary terms this week. You will use each word one time to complete one of the sentences.

1. You will find my 7th great grandmother listed on my ____________________ chart.
2. Typically four or five generations will be included on a ______________ chart.
3. The slave was granted a _________________ by his owner.
4. I am a ___________________________ of my grandfather.
5. The man told Bob and Ben his wishes for the distribution of his estate but did not write it down; therefore, it is a _____________________ will.
6. Jill gave an _______________________ used in the court case.
7. The census taker recorded all the families in his ________________________ district.
8. Pappaw is buried in the ____________________.
9. A ______________________ DNA test pertains to the mother's mother's mother's line.
10. A Y-DNA test provides results for the ____________________________________ line.
11. Only males have a Y _____________________.
12. He is not in my direct line but he is a ________________________ relative.
13. A dictionary of place names is called a _____________________________.
14. ____________________________ is the practice of marrying within a small population group such as the Amish.
15. The study of family history is also known as ________________________.
16. A person's _____________________ reveals his family history and is sometimes placed on a web site of a major corporation bearing the same name.
17. A person who left no will is said to die ____________________.
18. A privilege or right called an ____________________________________ is often passed along in a deed.
19. An ______________________ DNA test reveals cousins from all branches of one's family as long as they have tested with the same company or provided results to a site such as GEDmatch.
20. Your ___________________ line comes from your mother.

1 comment:

Randy Seaver said...

I got 17 of them without looking at the list of words...and if I had had the list I would have gotten 20 right.

I've always been a good speler.