Monday, December 07, 2015

Spelling and Vocabulary Test on Friday

This morning as I was reading Facebook I moaned as I saw the (misspelled) word "cementaries" materialize in a post. I immediately thought of the usual misspelling of the word which omits the "n" in the above misspelling and of the various misspellings for the word "genealogy" itself.

I reflected on school days when each Monday we were given a list of about 20 words that we were expected to spell correctly by Friday. As we got older, we were also expected to use them in a sentence or define them as well. I then realized that many new genealogists (and perhaps a few who have a little more practice) might benefit from such a spelling and vocabulary test focused on genealogical terms.

I'm sure you know the routine. You memorize the spelling, look up the words in a dictionary, and then write a sentence using them. Don't forget! A test is coming on Friday.

  1. genealogy
  2. cemetery
  3. ahnentafel
  4. collateral
  5. chromosome
  6. autosomal
  7. mitochondrial
  8. ancestry
  9. descendant
  10. enumeration
  11. gazetteer
  12. intestate
  13. appurtenance
  14. nuncupative
  15. matrilineal
  16. affidavit
  17. manumission
  18. pedigree
  19. patrilineal
  20. endogamy
I hope you will all make A's on the test on Friday!

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