Tuesday, October 16, 2007

5 Questions About Home

Juliana's 5 questions for this week are about home.

  • What was your room like when you were growing up? Did you share it or did you have your own room? What did it look like?
  • There were 2 twin built-in beds with underbed storage in the room up until I was about 13 when we remodeled and I got a full bed set (which I still use) in there and the twin beds were torn out.
  • Did you have a backyard? A garden? Did you grow fruits and/or vegetables?
  • There was a big back yard, a big side yard, and a big front yard! When I was little, we used to play ball in the side yard. My brothers played football over there when I was even younger! Mom planted a few tomatoes and sometimes a watermelon vine but the real garden was at Pappaw's house until his death.
  • Did you have a secret hiding place?
  • Not that I remember.
  • What household chores were your responsibilities?
  • Different things at different times. Cooking was the one I liked best! I cooked supper most of the time through high school.
  • In what room did your family gather most? Was it in the living room or around the kitchen table? What did you do there? Sing? Talk about the day? Watch T.V.? Tell stories?
    The living room. We mostly watched TV. Around the holidays there was usually a jigsaw puzzle set up. Sometimes we had them at other times of the year. I sang. My piano was in there. Later we had a den where we watched TV. The piano was still in the living room though.

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