Saturday, October 27, 2007

Football in the SEC

One of my colleagues asked me the other day if I thought Mississippi State (of which he is an alumnus) had a chance against the Kentucky Wildcats this year in football. He explained that it used to be that the 'Dogs could always count on winning two games a year--Vandy and Kentucky. I told him: The one thing I've observed this year in the SEC is that anything is possible this year. Today, the Bulldogs won.

The traditional Georgia vs. Florida match is on now. Later this evening is Spurrier vs. Fulmer (for those who don't know the coaches: South Carolina vs. Tennessee). I'm wearing my Vols orange and cheering for the Vols.

Update (7 p.m. ET): Yes, anything is possible. It is now evident that Georgia will be defeating Florida in the next 1 minute 27 seconds (football time).

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