Monday, October 01, 2007

Seeing Double

My grandfather enjoyed trick photography. Here is a photo that he took of himself. Yes, there is only one person here. He cloned himself. I love the photo because it shows so much of the family's homestead. For a discussion of this type of trick photography, see Seeing Double: Cloning Humans with a Camera at the American Museum of Photography. My grandfather Irving Lantz was born in 1885. I estimate he is 25-30 in this photo so I would guess the photo was taken between 1910-1915.


Terry Thornton said...

Lori, This is super! I'm still looking for where his "seam" is --- some of the photos in the link have an obvious seam but your g-father did a great job of cloning himself.

The footnoteMaven said...


This photograph is absolutely fantastic! How entertaining your grandfather must have been.

Are there more?

I also enjoyed the link to other cloned photographs. Isn't it great to wake up and learn something new every day?

Wait, isn't it great just to wake up?

So, thank you Lori!


Lori Thornton said...

I'll have to try to find some more the next time I'm at my parents' house. As I recall, there are quite a few in that box. I just scanned this one at the time because of the homeplace being there.