Saturday, October 13, 2007

Interesting Posts

It seems that everyone has been offering roundups of some of their favorite posts. Here are a few posts that I've found interesting:

Taneya describes an 1873 cholera outbreak in Nashville.

Amish America describes the differences in shunning among different groups of Amish.

Chris at All Things Maine tells about the Maine Colony at Jaffa. He even quotes Mark Twain.

Thursday's Mass Moments describes the purchase of Brook Farm by a group of Utopians. This post mentions Hawthorne, Emerson, and other well-known writers. While you are there, also check out Wednesday's post about the Snow Hurricane.

In the "Just for Fun" category, I always love to read see what Muddy and his feline companions are up to in Blogging Cat. This week's post about the leaky faucets reminded me so much of my cat Brumley who used to adore the drip I had in Cincinnati.

For some seasonal beauty, make sure you check out these:

Marie Freeman of Blue Ridge Blog: "I use my gas so you don't have to." (I know my cousin Terry has already mentioned this one, but it's really worth checking out.)

Amy Kane at Atlantic Ave.: "Along the Harbor."

Les Fierbaugh at From These Hills: "Carry It With You"

Blue Ridge Dreaming: "Wordless Wednesday #20--Fall"

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