Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Goodies!

I ordered a couple of CDs from Heritage Books during their moonlight madness sale which arrived in today's mail. Both are CDs of probate records from New Hampshire. One is called New Hampshire Provincial Probate Records 1635-1771; the other is Abstracts of the Probate Records of Rockingham Co., NH 1771-1799 by Helen F. Evans. I've already begun to explore the first CD which basically contains volumes 31-39 of the New Hampshire Provincial and State Papers Series. I looked in the 1st volume on the CD (volume 31 of the series) and have already printed off 5 probate records dealing with my ancestors. There are also some instances where some witnessed things, are neighbors, or are prominently mentioned in other records in some way. However, I just went for the direct records on the first run through. I've got enough to keep me busy entering information into my database and citing it for awhile.

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