Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blog & News Post Round-up

I have one satirical political site among the feeds I regularly read. I think all of us have felt that sometimes Congress has a little "too much business". I got a kick out of this post.

I love the magazine cover on Amy's post that tells us how we can opt out of unwanted catalogs. Sounds like an interesting service!

Shorpy has some great vintage photos. This one is one of my recent favorites.

A cute little chick.

A piece of Anderson County, Tennessee history -- The Briceville Opera House.

Country singer Kenny Chesney has been in a little trouble with Vols fans lately who fear he's become a traitor. He tries to dispell those rumors.

Jack Neely remembers the Knoxville World's Fair. (It's the 25th anniversary.)

In honor of Hallowe'en: 25 Haunted New England Inns (complete with photos and stories). None of them were in Rhode Island. Does that mean that Roger Williams and the Baptists kept them out of that colony?

The $100 hamburger?

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