Sunday, February 10, 2008

Limerick #1 & the story

Terry challenged us to write a poem about our blog. He really wants us to write a modified limerick, but I found that the perfectionist side of me just can't deal with the extra line. I know I may be disqualified from his contest because I'm choosing a traditional limerick instead of his "sestet," but since it's all for fun anyway, here it goes:

In the land of the Vols lived Miss Lori
Who shared her ancestors' story
When she found an old letter
That said King George was better
She uncovered an old Amish tory.

I hope that I'm sharing the story of my ancestors on this blog. Johannes Lantz came to the United States aboard the Phoenix in about 1749. [Some people try to say he came over in 1732 because of a book published by Jacob Lantz, but most of us believed he came in 1749.] During the French and Indian War, many of the Amish were being attacked by the Indians. (See the story of the Hochstetler Massacre.) The British military had come to the aid of the Amish in the area so Johannes was so grateful that after the colonists became increasingly restless with the British presence in the colonies and began rebelling he wrote a letter to King George III stating that he hoped the rebellion of the colonists would be short-lived and that peace, which is something the Amish really believed in, would take its place.


Terry Thornton said...

Lori, I think you're a poet and didn't even know it!!! That was a fun read. THANKS. I'll do a "reader" submitted poem just for you when I can rhyme "smoky". TERRY

Terry Thornton said...

LOL! Good poem, Lori.

And I started to reply with one about a Tory in our line of more recent vintage! But I refrained. . . here is my poem for you.

Lori the blogger is my cousin ---
A master genealogist she urges me caution
"'Terry tis stupid stuff' a la Housman"
When I print up a rumor
'Bout some family humor ---
But we both had a Hill Country raisin'.