Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blood Ballad

As soon as I finished the book I was reading, I had to read Rett's latest book. I loved it. Torie receives some recordings that threaten to overturn her carefully researched family trees, but rather than accepting them at face value she carefully reseaches the quick conclusions others have reached. In the meantime, Torie and local busybody Eleanore Murdoch are in the path of bullets while they are out birding before a body gets "dumped" (almost) on them. An extra horse shows up in Torie's pasture about the same time. Torie's genealogical sleuthing skills help resolve all the mysteries and a few more. This book is better than I recall the last two or three books in the series being. I loved the plot and the twists, and I must say that I didn't have a clue on the "whodunit" aspect of the modern mystery until near the end. I kind of suspected the "whodunit" of the older mystery but had not fully resolved it in my mind. (I still wondered if it could have been done by a few of the other suspects although I thought the one who did it had.) If you love genealogy and the cozy mystery genre, this is a great read!

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Craig Manson said...


I've read all of Rhett's previous books and loved them all. Thanks for pointing out this new one. I'll probably get it today!