Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow Day

I'm really surprised, but we actually got a snow day today. As you can see, the street were not much of a problem (at least around my house--and there was very little traffic to disturb anything on the road). This is looking from my front door. When I woke up, I checked the TV, my cell phone (for message alerts), and the college's web site because I really thought that we might be on a delay. There was no indication that a delay or closure had been called, so I went and took my shower and got dressed. I got back to the TV just as they were getting to our name alphabetically, and we were now listed as closed. I was surprised but grateful! I looked at Brumley and told him that I'd get to spend the day with him. He was very happy about that too. He'd take snow every day if it meant he'd have his pet human at home to play with him. Of course, the message had also been delivered to my cell phone by that time. I will say that it did snow a little more after this, and there is a second wave of snow that might (or might not arrive) that was over around Nashville a little earlier. I'd still like to have a bigger snow, but at least we did get the day off. Most of the other schools in the region were closed with the exception of Knox County schools. Our college and the community colleges were about the only colleges closed--or at least advertised as being closed. There were a lot of parents in Knox County who made a decision not to take their kids to school, some after starting out and getting most of the way there. Some of them said that they just didn't want to go pick the kids up after two hours.

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