Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Night Ramblings

I'm sitting here watching the NCAA women's tournament and catching up on some blog reading.

Mass Moments has a post about John Calipari leading UMass to the Final Four in 1996. Well, in 2008, he's still leading a team to the Final Four, but it's a different U. of M. This time it's Memphis.

Dear Myrtle linked to the thread at 43 Things about taking a genealogy trip this year. I take at least one genealogy trip each year. This year's trip is to Boston. That may not be my only genealogy trip this year, but it's the only one I'm planning right now.

The next Carnival of Genealogy is on cars. Several people have already begun to post their car-related posts, but I spotted an unexpected car post which I'm sure won't be entered in the Carnival of Genealogy since it's not on a genealogy blog. Check out Wallet Pop's "How to Beat the Car Dealers at Their Own Game."

Now, I've got to run and see if I can dig up any old car photos for my next Carnival post. I honestly don't know if I'll succeed or not. I don't remember taking photos of cars. I wish I had a photo of one of my brother's cars. So tune in later, I'm sure that I'll be just as surprised by my post as you will!

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