Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bloglines vs. Google Reader

I've been asked to comment on my switch to Google Reader from Bloglines and compare the two.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who provided the information on exporting my subscriptions from Bloglines so they could be imported quickly without having to enter each and every one!

Google Reader appears to be delivering all my feeds. I've pretty much quit using Bloglines. There are things I like better about Bloglines. I was able to use the keystroke S to navigate from one blog feed to the next quickly. It worked even between different feed categories so that I could click on the first feed in the first category and work my way down. With Google Reader, the S keystroke doesn't work. I can still use the J keystroke to navigate down blog feeds, but the quick keystroke appears to be gone--or I haven't found it yet. If you don't mind your feeds being all scrambled in the order of receipt, you can use the J keystroke all the way down through all feeds.

I no longer have to reload Janice's page when I click to read her blog. It works like a charm in Google Reader. All of Glenn's posts are being delivered. See my original post if you don't remember the context! I compared both blogs for awhile, and the only two I seemed to be having trouble with were these two.

Some feeds arrive faster via Bloglines; others arrive faster via Google Reader. I guess it ultimately depends on which reader you like best, and if all your feeds work with your reader. I'm still maintaining feeds at both locations, but I'm generally hitting the "mark all read" at Bloglines and reading things at Google Reader.


Maggie said...

Thank you! That was nice of you to answer my question in a post. I feel special. :)

Donna said...


Thanks for the comparison. I've never used Bloglines, only Google Reader which I really love.

What's Past is Prologue

Janice said...


There are two extra functions in Google Reader that I love.

First the ability to "Share" a blog with friends. Right now my son and I are sharing blogs we read and think the other will like that way.

The second thing I enjoy is the ability to "star" an item. That lets me go back to it. This is how I keep track of blogs that either are writing about a topic I also want to write about and link back to them, OR I want to include them in my weekly column Moovers and Shakers.