Saturday, May 24, 2008

So . . . what am I doing genealogically?

Some of you may wonder if I'm doing anything related to genealogy at the moment. I really didn't do anything while I was in the Bahamas. I didn't even take my computer along. This past week I spent a lot of time working in the church library. I was trying to get ahead of the other volunteers who are doing the processing. (I'm doing the cataloging.) We generally work on Saturday mornings. I needed to get ahead because I will miss the next 3 Saturdays because I'm headed out on a genealogical research trip and library conference all rolled into one!

When a library conference is in the greater Boston area, that's a perfect excuse to spend some time at the NEHGS Library researching your New England lines. Of course, there's so much historical stuff to see in the Boston area as well, but some of my fun times for this trip are also planned around places my ancestors resided.

I've been planning this trip and also trying to get myself organized to make efficient use of my time in Boston. My current plans include a day trip out to the Ipswich/Essex area where my Perkins family lived, another day trip into Maine and spending quite a bit of time in the Hampton, New Hampshire area where several of my families resided, researching at the NEHGS Library, Lexington & Concord (hopefully including a trip to Walden Pond if I'm lucky enough to be one of the first to arrive that day), a day trip to Concord, and more research at NEHGS.

The conference I'm attending has library tours scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. One of the options is NEHGS, but rather than touring the library, I'll probably spend my time doing a little more research so I checked "I will arrange my own library tour."

I will probably also spend some evening time at the Boston Public Library on the evenings NEHGS is closed. My hotel for the time before the library conference begins is in the Back Bay near both.

I'm looking forward to my Boston trip, but I'm going to have fun and also research! I'm looking forward to seeing where my ancestors resided and learning more about them!


Colonnade said...

Hopefully you will have an opportunity to stay at The Colonnade Hotel Boston -

Lori Thornton said...

Well . . . not on this trip. In fact, I thought about leasing an apartment but then decided to stay in a hotel instead.