Friday, May 23, 2008

Enumerate Me Challenge

I saw this challenge at Randy's. I'll confess that because "Lori" is a fairly recent name that I'd never thought to look for it in the census; however, I hit the comprehensive search button at to see what I could find with "Lori Thornton." There were 2 hits for "Lori Thornton" in the 1920 census, but since one of them was "Ella Lori Thornton" and that is definitely not me, I decided to stick to the only one that was just "Lori Thornton." There was a 6-year-old Lori Thornton living in Riverside, California with parents Joseph E. and Florence Thornton. (Of course, the parents' names are wrong for me.) This Lori's father was born in West Virginia and the mother in Tennessee. I have no known West Virginia ancestry on my Thornton line. Those were the only hits on census records for my name. I am surprised to find any at all.

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