Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reading Roundup - May 20

At Genealogy: Digging Up Dirt, there is a blog entry that details a most interesting murder case from the 19th century. One of the suspects is a John H. Dearborn, whom I would assume descends from Godfrey Dearborn. Since I'm a descendant of Godfrey, this really caught my interest. I may even have to see how I'm related to this "black sheep" family member!

Birmingham Genealogical Society tells us about the Alabama Department of Archives and History's 1867 Voter Registration database. The actual database is at the ADAH site. I'm excited that Walker County is there, but I'd like to see Fayette. I also wish that women had voting rights back then!

Paula has come up with quite a list of prizes for cooperating with the census taker. Of course, I think the census taker just didn't find the "holler" my ancestors lived in on some census years. They lived in an area of Monroe County known as the "Lost Corner." The only way to get there was to go up into Itawamba County and then back down into Monroe. I think the census taker just stopped at the county line and didn't try to track them down!

Footnote.com sent a newsletter. The Mississippi Confederate soldiers database is posted. I know what I'll be busy checking out! (Tennessee, South Carolina, and Louisiana have also been added. The Dawes packets are also available now.)

Stealing the Cat in the Hat.

Terry has really gotten Mississippi on the radar screen of a lot of bloggers. Randy is now using Mississippi as a search example!

Demolition Alert: It involves Paul Revere.

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