Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reading Roundup - July 24

First Baptist Church in Lithia, Georgia is blogging its history.

We've all heard about the Northern Lights. It seems NASA has some new information on them.

Terry has been blogging about all kinds of things that he is calling edible but that turn my stomach. If you want some good food blogging, I'll let you revisit my May 31 and early June posts. (By the way, I didn't eat the tomalley of that lobster, Tim. I know some people really like it, but I was warned against eating it the first time I ate lobster in 2006 so I decided that I would pass again. I actually did think about trying it, but it really looks like some of that other yucky stuff Terry has been blogging about.) If you don't want those, Nicole at Baking Bites always has a feast for the eyes. If you've priced Nilla Wafers lately, you might want to try her homemade version. She also blogged about the hamburger bun pan that I ordered for my mom. Let me just say that a person who gets a bun from these pans (made by someone who knows how to make a good dough) is a lucky person. By the way, if you read the comments on the post, you'll find a link to a good recipe. If you are more into fruit, New Hampshire photo tour has a tasty offering. I also found some new foods for Terry to try.

If you didn't catch Leland's post about the CNN special about how a query reunited a family, make sure you check it out so you can watch it Saturday night! I just hope that I will remember to watch it after my busy day on Saturday.

Thanks to the Genealogue, I now know why my Hester ancestors weren't in certain censuses. He's a superhero! I know reasons 8 fits completely. The contributing cause in 9 fits the "son" from which I'm descended who is also missing when his father was in reason #8. And to think I thought it was because they lived in "Lost Corner."

FootnoteMaven has outdone herself with her answer to Terry's question about creative non-fiction. We're all lining up to read the rest of the story!

I have been amazed at how dedicated Lisa at Gen365 is to accomplishing a genealogical task. Today I went to K-Mart and stocked up on 70-count spiral notebooks and 3-prong/2 pocket folders while they are on sale for 9 cents apiece. I also picked up several glue sticks (that are acid free) in two-packs at the price of 5/$1. Can I count that as my genealogical task for the day? I'm far too tired right now because I've been cataloging books at the church library all week. I'm not being quite as meticulous as I am when I do it at my real job since this is a retrospective conversion project in essence. We're just now automating the collection. I was at 469 last Saturday. I'm now at 1267. I estimate I have another 250-300 books to go. I should finish early next week. (I have to print barcodes and labels tomorrow so that the volunteers will be able to work on processing on Saturday. Then I'm going to do a few books and call it an early weekend!) Let's just say that I'm tired! I will resume genealogical research after I get this project completed!


Terry Thornton said...

LORI, Sorry you didn't find any eels, terrapins, frog legs, or mupwumps to your taste. LOL! Thanks for the link.

BTW, Your word verification "almost word" was appropriate --- UPSHXPAN. Why that sounds like the name of a new recipe for critter cooking!

Lori Thornton said...

ROFL. I'd just rather eat the more dignified (and pricier) critters like lobster.