Saturday, July 05, 2008

Today's Musings

Last night as I was listening to the fireworks outside, I was amazed by one thing. My cat was not hiding. Normally my cat goes and hides under the bed when the big bangs begin. This year Brumley just stayed in the chair in which he was sitting as if they weren't going on. It really caught me by surprise!

There was a lot of lightning in the area although the rain was pretty light last night. It delayed the big fireworks show in Knoxville, and it probably delayed the local one here in Morristown also. It's way on the other side of town at the other end of the lake so I didn't go. I could see a few fireworks out in the general vicinity of the lake from my window. I don't think they were far enough east to have been the city's show, but these were pretty impressive.

Our local NBC affiliate always pre-empts the New York City show with the Knoxville one. I wish they'd at least show the New York City ones later. I really hate that we miss the impressive show that they have in New York harbor. I was able to watch them for several years when I lived in Cincinnati, and I really miss them here in East Tennessee. I ended up watching most of the Boston show on CBS because I usually enjoy the Boston pops music that accompanies them. I don't know where they got the host for last night's show, but I hope they dump him before next year. I did enjoy Rascal Flatts and the Pops though. Before that show came on, I'd watched a bit of the Capitol 4th on PBS. I didn't think that show--at least the parts I was able to watch--were as good as usual. They had xylophones doing the piccolo parts on one Sousa piece. It was just losing something in the arrangement!

I've been watching Wimbledon. I always enjoy watching tennis. I used to play a lot when I was younger. I probably couldn't return a serve nowadays if I tried. I'm too out of practice. Today's match was good between the sisters, but I wish Serena had won a set to drag it out a little longer! I look forward to seeing the sisters play again in the doubles. I hope that tomorrow's men's match lasts long enough that I can see the end after I get home from church.

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