Friday, July 04, 2008

What an Animal Challenge!

Kristi at Passion for the Page is hosting the What an Animal Reading Challenge. The books can be fiction or non-fiction. You only have to read 6 books before June 30, 2009 that fit the criteria. Since I'm reading one at the moment that fits, I'll have only 5 more to go. Basically any animal will do. The animal role can be as simple as a picture of an animal on the cover or in the title of the book, an animal with a major role in the book, or a main character that turns into an animal (although I doubt any of mine will fit into that last category). You just have to sign up with Mr. Linky at Kristi's site.

My first book is the latest Miss Zukas mystery by Jo Dereske entitled Index to Murder. It has a cat on the cover. Those of you who have read previous Miss Zukas mysteries know that Helma's cat is Boy Cat Zukas. I'm going to opt to not list the other five I intend to read right now because I have no idea which ones from my stash, the library, or books that I purchase between now and the time I finish that 6th book I'll be motivated to pick up first!
Dereske, Jo. Index to Murder. (completed 4 July 2008) [You can find my review at LibraryThing]
Penney, Stef. The Tenderness of Wolves. (completed 31 Aug 2008)

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Kristi said...

Thanks for joining the challenge, Lori ;>)! I hope you enjoy reading for it.