Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Back to the Grind

As the beginning of the academic year draws near, those of us who serve as faculty return to the "grind." The dreaded annual day-long faculty workshop is today. Tomorrow is an all-morning meeting of faculty and staff. 

Don't get me wrong -- I love seeing my colleagues, but I get tired of listening to general information things year after year. Some speakers are more engaging that others, and we're certain to find a few snooze-worthy persons delivering addresses or extended announcements.

If I could just take my fur boys with me, I'd be entertained.

My three fur boys enjoy a can of Fancy Feast.
I can just see it. Speaker gets up. Mr. B takes one look and runs under my chair getting as near to me as possible because there is no safer place in the room. Barney decides he'd better join Mr. B but not before he arches his back and gives a quick hiss at the speaker. Sherlock gives the speaker a little bit longer but decides the speaker is boring. Not being shy, he hisses loudly and repeatedly. He then looks at me. Decides I'm not afraid, and knows he should not be. He jumps down and begins approaching the speaker, retreating once in awhile because of all the other strange people in the room, but making steady progress. When he draws near to the podium, he knows he is the best detective and wants everyone else to admire him. He gets on the podium and poses in his smug way. After thunderous applause, he returns to my lap.

Yes, my cats would make faculty workshop much more entertaining!

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