Monday, August 27, 2018

Reflecting . . .

Earlier today I read the hospital in my hometown was filing for bankruptcy. It's where my mother worked for many years. In those years, the hospital was owned by a private foundation. The foundation continues to operate and provide funding for things in my hometown. The administrator during her years of employment championed the foundation's operation of the hospital. During those years the hospital's reputation for women's health (ob/gyn) and pediatrics brought patients from all over.

After his retirement (and mom's), the hospital was sold. It's changed hands several times over the years. The doctors who created the reputation retired and/or died. What was once a great hospital is now filing for bankruptcy protection. Its parent company plans to sell it. It saddens me to see the deterioration of an institution which brought such pride to our community. I hope the new owners can turn it around, making it a great facility once again.

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