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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas 2001: A Special Christmas

One of the most memorable Christmases of recent history was Christmas 2001.

Here is Brumley under the tree. That's Mom's Annalee Santa Claus off to the side.

Brumley's big gift of 2001 was this cat spa. He never used it quite like it was supposed to be used and liked it better at first than he did later. I've got it in storage now.

The family get-together was after Christmas, and we decided not to have turkey and dressing on this since everyone had it with other family groups on Christmas day. We decided to just make snack-type things and sandwiches. Here's a little bit of the spread. That's Glenna's cheese logs in front. They were absolutely wonderful. Mom's cranberry fudge is on the table somewhere. I think I made Skyline chili dip. (It's a Cincinnati favorite.)

We played Dirty Santa. Jim ended up with the "Wild Thing." Here is Katelyn dancing along with the animal playing the song. I think we all made Jim give up the "Wild Thing" and give it to Katelyn after we got so much enjoyment from her dance!

Right before Christmas, I had the opportunity to go meet some cousins who gave me my great-great grandmother's dress. I'm a little too big for it, but my Mom fit in my dad's grandmother's dress. Dad says that "Grandma Jennie" always wore this black dress. I think this is one of the best Christmas presents ever! Grandma Jennie (Lucinda Virginia Phillips Fowlkes Howell) died in 1943.



  • What a cute kitty!!

    That is so cool that you have your great-great grandma's dress!!

    By Blogger Dawn, at 10:25 PM  

  • What a great dress and a terrific gift! You are so fortunate, Lori!

    By Blogger Jasia, at 8:09 AM  

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