Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve

How did you and your family spend Christmas Eve?

There's not really a special way we used to spend Christmas Eve. When I was little, I remember that the weather man used to always let us know on television when he spotted Santa leaving the North Pole. Of course, as radar became the norm on local TV weather, they utilized that as well. Of course, I'd set out a plate of cookies and milk for Santa. Then I'd go to bed early. In my teen years, I remember assembling all my nephew's toys on Christmas Eve. Nowadays, I usually sneak out my parents' gifts on Christmas Eve after they've gone to bed.

Our church did not have a Christmas Eve service when I was growing up. My parents' church has one now. We went a couple of years, but it ended up being the same program year after year and was nothing special, so we haven't gone the last couple of years.

My plans for this year include watching old movies like White Christmas and the Bells of St. Mary's. I watched Holiday Inn this afternoon. I'll watch either the Lemon Drop Kid or The Bishop's Wife this evening. The other one is game for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day until all five classic movies I brought with me are viewed.

This is the final post in this year's Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories.


Apple said...

I love watching the old movies at Christmas time and some of the newer ones too. The girls just got here and are watching The Polar Express. The only oldie I've seen so far this year is White Christmas. I have several others on tape but it looks like I'll miss out on The Bishop's Wife this year.

Merry Christmas!

Lori Thornton said...

The Bishop's Wife is the one that won out last night. I guess that leaves The Lemon Drop Kid for today. I think The Bells of St. Mary's will also be today, and I'll save White Christmas for Christmas Day!