Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas Cards

Did your family send them?

Mom always sent Christmas cards, mostly to relatives, but a few were sent to people she'd met on camping trips or longtime friends. After I got old enough, I'd send some to a few of my pen pals who were mostly people I'd met in church camp or occasionally on a camping trip.

Did your family display the ones they received?

One year, I made something in school that we used to display the cards. As I recall, we took one of those tall Hi-C cans or grapefruit juice cans and cut out both ends with the can opener. Then we wrapped yarn all the way around it and through the middle so that you had a lot of places for cards. As we received cards, we put them on the can! We used that for years! I have a card holder from the Hallmark store that I use now. Mom just piles hers on the table or microwave at her house.

Do you still send Christmas cards?

Yes, I still send cards. I also create a letter to put in each card so that those with whom I only correspond once a year can catch up! I always hope that the ones I receive will have a note or letter in them too! I wish more people would send cards nowadays. It's nice to hear from people at least once a year. Somehow a real letter (even if it is just a form letter) and a real Christmas card seem more personal than an email and definitely more personal than an e-card. Now . . . I just have to find the time to get them addressed. I knew I should have done it before Thanksgiving, but with all the illness in my family, I just didn't find the time. Now I've got a lot of student work to grade and a lot of other commitments, so my cards might not get sent until the semester ends. I just hope I get caught up sooner!

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Apple said...

I remember making those! I don't remember using them to display cards though. So many posts have jogged my memory today that I'm wondering how much I've forgotten over the years.