Friday, December 14, 2007

Ringing in the Millennium

I remember all the preparations for the millennium. As the person responsible for all the computers used by staff members as well as two computer labs in the library, it was my job to make sure all the computers had the required patches installed. Of course, I had student workers do most of the work, but I did go through and double-check everything and did all the staff machines myself. We also had to think about the various software packages we used and make sure they were going to be able to handle the new millennium.

I was never one of those persons who worried too much about what was going to happen. I never really anticipated major glitches that couldn't be resolved with a work-around.

I believe that I was still at my Mom and Dad's house on New Year's Eve. I remember watching the millennium being rung in all around the world as the night wore on. There were no major glitches. I knew I'd been right not to worry about Y2K. I stayed up as usual until the new year had begun, but I did not stay up much longer than that. I may have had some sparkling grape juice on hand. It really was not that different than any other New Year.

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