Friday, January 18, 2008

1808: Residences of My Families

Donna has asked us all to answer the question: Where was your family 200 years ago?

The Thornton Family - They were most likely either in South Carolina or Georgia. Richard Thornton was born in South Carolina sometime between 1790-1795, depending on which record you believe. He was in definitely in Georgia by the mid to late 1810s.

The Fowlkes Family - Some of the family was still in Virginia in the Lunenburg/Mecklenburg County areas. Thompson B. Fowlkes died in Mecklenburg County in 1817. We have records proving this. What is interesting is that some people try to place his "widow" in Tennessee before it became a state when she wasn't a widow yet. They try to say that he died in 1791. We do know that some of his children did go to Tennessee as early as 1806 when we have marriage records for two of them in what was then Williamson County. The son of Thompson who is my direct ancestor was still in Virginia in 1808.

The Duke Family - Presumably they were in Virginia. Thomas Duke was born in Virginia in 1829. His father whose name I know only because the family knows that Berniece Estelle Duke (my great grandmother) was called "Bennie" in honor of Thomas' father was Benjamin Duke. His mother was a Parker. I know her surname only because it is known that Thomas named his son James Parker Duke in her honor. Thomas was an orphan when he came to Mississippi. We really don't know much about where he came from in Virginia. I really haven't tried to get them back past Monroe County, Mississippi except briefly when I was first beginning my research. I remember finding Dukes and Parkers living in the same area around Nansemond County, Virginia which was a burned county; however, it would have been unusual for someone from that area to come to Mississippi, so I really have no clue about this family's residence except a state!

The Aldridge Family - This is a family where I'm descended from cousins who married. It's hard to pin down exactly where they lived at this time, but I believe that they were residing in Tennessee about this time. Most of the children's birth locations for this period that I've documented through census research show the location as Tennessee. There is one son born in 1809 whose birth location sometimes says South Carolina; however, I believe they were in Tennessee at the time.

The Allred Family - Again, this is one of those presumable locations. James H. M. Allred was born in Tennessee between 1799 and 1812. (Let's just say that they got quite creative on the censuses concerning his age.)

The Phillips Family - I don't have this line back that far. They were in Alabama in the mid-1830s. I would guess that they would be in the Carolinas.

The Parish Family - Virginia.

The Lantz Family - In Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, having recently moved there from Lancaster County.

The Hertzler Family - In Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.

The Yoder Family - In Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.

The Taylor Family - In Southeastern Ohio, probably either Washington or Athens County. One person states that son Daniel was born in Muskingum County in 1809. All of the records I've examined place the family in either Washington or Athens County in this period.

The Rathbone Family - Ohio. Actually Lovica's father died in Ohio County, Virginia (now West Virginia) in 1802, but her brother Edmund was in Ohio by 1808.

The Dearborn Family - Plymouth, Grafton County, New Hampshire.

The Perkins Family - Hebron, Grafton County, New Hampshire.

The Andrews Family - Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts. Joseph died in 1806, but his wife Rachel Burnham was still living until 1809.

The Hester Family - Probably North Carolina but possibly South Carolina.

The Cockrell Family - Nash County, North Carolina.

The Pridgen Family - Nash County, North Carolina.

The Harris Family - Wayne County, Kentucky.

The Mosely (or Mozley) Family - Georgia.

The Murry Family - Georgia.

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