Monday, January 21, 2008

Genealogy Parade

Bill West has challenged geneabloggers to claim their float in the genealogy parade. I've decided that my float will show the heritage of my Perkins Family of Ipswich who came to the United States in 1630/1631 (although it is sometimes said to be 1629/1630) aboard the Lyon. The float will have a replica of the ship on it. There's a photo of a replica of the ship on the Deacon Stephen Hart page. I think I'd also have a few of the ship's other passengers aboard this ship as Roger Williams, the Baptist minister who founded Rhode Island, was also aboard the same ship at the same time. Why did I choose this? I just think a ship would make a nice float!

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Randy Seaver said...

Hi Lori,

We share the Perkins family, and perhaps other lines also.

I'm amazed that I have some cousinship link to many genealogy bloggers, plus the political guys. Cool.

Cheers -- Randy