Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Blog Roundup - 1/1/2008

Preservation efforts:

Leland Meitzler tells of efforts by one man to save cemeteries in Greenup County, Kentucky. I was very touched by the entire family that died in a 14-year-period that is reported in the article.

Rescuing glass plate negatives in Chicago. I'm glad Mr. Phillips cared!

A Carnival:

It's the second Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture hosted by Lisa over at Small-Leaved Shamrock. Carnivals are always a great way to become acquainted with new blogs and there are a few that I will be adding to my feeds. The topic for the 3rd Carnival will be Irish Places and entries are due by January 29. I must say that I'm intrigued by the LibraryThing collection of Irish genealogy sources in the sidebar of A Light That Shines Again. I ordered a couple of the Boston titles to read before my trip to Boston this summer.

Just for fun:

How does your library compare to that of Thomas Jefferson's? Someone has posted Thomas' library to LibraryThing so if you have your books cataloged there, you can compare your library to his. I'm sad to report that we share only one book in common; however, I don't have all my books entered. I don't think that I'd have very many more, but I do think there might be two or three more if I get the ones in storage at my Mom's house and added them.

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