Friday, January 04, 2008

Monroe & Itawamba County Mississippi 1908

Lisa, over at 100 Years in America, has challenged Genea-Bloggers to answer the question "Where was your family in 1908?" This is an easy question to answer as they were all in Monroe County, Mississippi except one to the best of my knowledge.

The Cape Thornton family lived out on "the old home place" in Becker. Cape's father James M. was in the Parham Community by that time, having recently moved from Alabama.

The Abraham Lantz family lived in the Aberdeen area.

Jennie Phillips Fowlkes Howell lived with her second husband John Howell and some of the children of both marriages on her land off what is now Ritter Road close to where the Pickle Barrel is just outside of Amory as far as I know.

The one exception was Nancy Malinda Allred Duke Rogers who was living with her second husband John W. Rogers, sheriff of Itawamba County, in Fulton.

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