Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Afternoon NERGC Report

My presentation is now over, so I can relax. I do think I managed to leave my reading glasses on either the podium or the table in the room so I'll have to go try to track those down in a bit. I'm accustomed to an LCD support package (which I listed as an AV need) including a cable that will run from the table that will hold the LCD projector to the podium and having electrical connections at the podium so one can connect the computer to an electrical source there. The room did not have that type of a set up. I was either going to have to sit down, stand and block the screen, or get someone else to punch the buttons. I'm used to having my computer right in front of my face with the screen that I'm discussing. I had to read off the same screen the audience was viewing and have someone else punch the buttons. It added just enough time to the presentation that I felt rushed.  I hope attendees picked up a few sources for adding richness to their ancestors' lives.

I attended Steve Morse's autosomal DNA presentation before my session. It wasn't quite what I'd expected, but it was a good explanation of how autosomal DNA works. The illustrations just didn't show results from the DNA testing companies.

I was too tired to go to a presentation during the last session. I decided to come up to my room, grab a Diet Dr. Pepper, and "chill" for a few minutes.

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