Thursday, April 18, 2013

NERGC - Thursday Morning

Since the opening session did not begin until 10 a.m., I decided to take a walk to the grocery store to pick up some things that would provide quick meals for lunch and supper today since I will have less than an hour to eat both times. I had noticed a Market Basket only a few blocks from the Radisson as I was riding the shuttle from the airport yesterday. It's a very nice grocery store, and they have quite a few pre-made sandwiches available as well as fruits and bakery goods.

When I got back to the hotel, I had time to meet a few Facebook and blogging friends in the hotel lobby that I only knew by their photos. It was great to finally meet Heather, Marian, Sue, and several others.

The speaker for the main session was Sandy Clunies. She told about the mills in nearby Lowell and Lawrence, Massachusetts and told the stories of some of families who worked there -- two were her own ancestors; another was a friend's ancestor that she had researched.

We are currently on a very short lunch break since the first session begins at 12:15. I'm really not sure why they didn't give us a bit longer of a break since it's hard for 900 people to be served lunch in such a short time. I'm just thankful that I went to the grocery store this morning so that I would not have to deal with long lunch lines and could escape to the room for a few minutes.  It also gives me an opportunity to see if I need to update anything on my presentation before tomorrow. You know all those thoughts you have--Did I include this resource? Did I update that image after the site changed appearance? Etc.

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