Friday, April 19, 2013

NERGC Friday Night

I had supper, dinner, or whatever you want to call the evening meal with Marian Pierre-Louis and others tonight. We ate at a nearby restaurant since many of us were going to head to one of the special interest groups afterwards.

Since I wanted to meet some of my New England blogging friends, I attended the Geneabloggers SIG. There was a lively discussion about blogging topics. There were also a couple of persons who were interested in starting their own genealogy blogs. It's really a shame that all the SIGs were held simultaneously because there were several others I would have loved to attend.

Here are a few photos taken today.

Maia's Books was busy!

Inside the Bloggers Area around noon.

Geneabloggers SIG

More in the Geneabloggers SIG

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