Sunday, April 21, 2013

NERGC Wrap-Up with Saturday's Activities

I somehow did not manage to find time to blog yesterday. It was our final day of NERGC (New England Regional Genealogical Conference, for those who may be wondering what those letters have stood for the last few days).

My day started with consulting at the Ancestors Road Show. I met with a couple of people although one of my appointments was a no-show. We had a nice time discussing their genealogical brick walls and coming up with some avenues by which they might be able to break through them.

After I finished up with that, I managed to check out of the hotel and store my luggage in my roommate's car's trunk. I then had time to actually browse the exhibit hall myself before heading to grab a bite for lunch. I was able to pick up three more titles in the NGS Research in the States series. I'm trying to obtain them all. I think I've managed to purchase all but a couple now. I probably would have picked up a fourth, but Maia's books was sold out of them. I try to limit myself to buying them at conferences so I control my spending! Fortunately they are thin enough that they fitted very nicely into my carry-on bags and did not require me to ship them via the UPS store.

After I ate lunch, I worked the NGS booth for awhile. Booth traffic was much quieter on Saturday than on the previous days. At 1:30, we drew for the door prize. I did not manage to draw the name of any of my friends.

I went to Alice Kane's talk on Chinese genealogy. This is a topic about which I knew very little. I've read one book on Chinese American genealogy in a series for young adults. I own a couple of books on Mississippi's Chinese population (in the Delta region of the state). However, this was an interesting session which focused on the reasons they came to the U.S., the concern of the U.S. that they would take away jobs from Americans (even back in the 1800s), the exclusion acts, and much more. She showed examples of the records created as part of the exclusion acts. Very interesting! I'm not quite ready to read the Chinese characters, but I think I could try my luck at some of the American records for the group.

After this, I went back to the NGS booth to help with packing up and tearing down the display. Then I headed to the final session. I'd originally planned to attend a different session but was not exactly impressed by the syllabus so I decided to hear the "stand-in." Michael LeClerc was doing Thomas MacEntee's presentation on Google. I've probably already used the only parts of Google that I'm actually interested in using. Like many people, I used Google Reader and am a bit put out with Google for deciding to do away with it.

After the last session, my roommate and I headed over to the Homewood Suites near the airport. We are the first to stay in a brand new room there as part of their remodel. It was quite nice. We located the nearby restaurants so we could catch a bite to eat and even found an L. L. Bean Outlet store. I wanted to go in so that I could try on some pants for sizing purposes. I'd recently received a catalog from them and decided to order some pants. My problem is that size usually depends on how the pants are cut and made. I'm happy that I can wear the smaller size! I didn't buy any there. I didn't want to take a chance on overfilling my suitcase. I did not want to pay for a checked bag.

I'd better log off, go print my boarding pass, and catch the shuttle to the airport now! I'm praying all my flights are on time and that there are no traffic situations or other issues between Charlotte and home. I need to be at church by 6 p.m. since I'm on the praise team for the first song in our choir's night of worship and praise tonight. You can catch that live at at 6 p.m. Eastern, or  you can watch an archived copy later at the site.

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