Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Morning at NERGC

This morning I awakened very early and couldn't get back to sleep so I got up. I checked into Facebook and discovered all the breaking news and lockdowns in the Boston area. That was on a lot of people's minds as they made their way to the first session of the morning.

I chose to attend a session about Loyalists during the first time slot. The speaker had a lot of great content and definitely knew his topic. It was heavily focused on the loyalists who settled in New Brunswick. Since mine were in Nova Scotia, it wasn't quite as useful as it might have been, but the question and answer period did produce questions from other participants regarding Nova Scotia loyalists.

I attended Colleen Fitzpatrick's presentation on Abraham Lincoln's DNA during the second session. It was quite fascinating and is a study that is in progress. It will be wonderful to keep up with this research as it continues over the coming months and years.

I'm enjoying visiting with everyone here in the blogging area at the moment. I'll be heading to the NGS booth shortly.  I'll try to take a few photos to post later.

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