Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Afternoon - NERGC

Since the exhibits don't open until tonight, I attended lectures during all three time slots for the afternoon.

The first session I attended was Laura Prescott's talk entitled "Spinsters and Widows: Gender Loyalty Within Families." I loved her content. I plan to make sure that I check out the article she mentioned from the Jan/Apr 1986 TAG issue that defined spinsters. Some great insights! I also loved the fact that she encouraged people to sign up for LibraryThing to keep track of their genealogical libraries--something I've been championing for awhile.

During the second afternoon session, I went to hear Lisa Alzo on "Grandmothers, Mothers and Daughters: Researching Your Female Lines." I expect that her comments were quite useful to a lot of beginning researchers. She encouraged people to write their family stories.

There were several presentations I wanted to hear during the third time slot. I decided to go hear Warren Bittner because his presentation at last year's NGS Conference was one of the best I attended all week. He lived up to that expectation with his presentation on "Complex Evidence: What It Is? How It Works? Why It Matters?" He approached it with a case study from his own family that resided in New York City.

I'm munching on a sandwich right now and will be heading down to the society fair in a bit and then to work the NGS booth when the exhibit hall opens.

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