Thursday, April 18, 2013

NERGC Thursday Night

The fun continues in Manchester.

Tonight many societies participated in society night from 5 to 7 p.m. I was able to meet several other people and ran into my very distant cousin Polly also.

I helped out at the National Genealogical Society's booth tonight during the exhibit hall opening. Many more genealogists that I met through Facebook came around to pick up a member ribbon, and we were able to meet!  It's such great fun to meet in person.

I ran into several more people that I knew in hallways or in the exhibit hall while we were waiting for it to officially open.

I speak tomorrow so I've been doing a couple of last minute tweaks to my presentation tonight. I thought of a picture that I needed to add in one case, and I thought of a better way to demo something in another. I have it saved on my computer, my flash drive, and in DropBox.

I'm going to read a bit tonight before going to bed. I'm pretty tired so I will probably not stay up very late.

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