Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stores of Yesteryear Roundup

Thomas at Destination: Austin Family remembers Marcia's, Town & Country, and many others.

Alison at Young Geeky Librarian remembers Ames, Zayre's, and Montgomery Ward.

Wendy at All My Branches Genealogy shares The Stores of My Childhood, reminiscing about stores in Dayton, Ohio. I know Elder-Beerman was still around the Dayton area and even had a store or two in Cincinnati 10 years ago, but I don't know whether they are there now or not!

Bob at Itawamba History Review shares all about downtown Fulton, Mississippi. I do think that I went in the Fulton Ben Franklin once or twice when I was small.

Jasia at Creative Gene tells us about Federals, Montgomery Ward, and even the S & H Green Stamp Redemption Centers, but she focuses on the Sunnyside Market, her one special store. S & H Green Stamps and Quality Stamps had redemption centers all the way up through my college years (and maybe even a little longer). I remember saving the stamps from my grocery store for what seemed like a long time just to get whatever you wanted. You had to pay a little per each book of stamps redeemed, but it was cheaper than purchasing the item at the regular store (at least until Wal-Mart came along). Thanks for bringing back that memory. I don't remember much of what I got, but I still own a rocking chair that I got (well -- my parents got it for me) when I was about 13 or 14 with one of those types of stamps. Her memories of the candy counter even made me remember West's in Amory. It was a little neighborhood grocery store that most of us in the neighborhood visited frequently by bicycle. It stocked a great line of candy and the old sodas that you got out of the chest type freezers in glass bottles! I'm talking about the good kind of sodas like Grape Nehi!

FootnoteMaven's contribution, Shopping -- Hazardous to Your Health, brings back some memories of shoes and drug stores. I dare not say more. Just read it!

Denise of Moultrie Creek shares with us about McCartney's Drug Store.

Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings reminisces about Piggly Wiggly and More. He even shares the street addresses of the stores in his neighborhood.

Janet Iles of Janet the Researcher tells us all about Owen Sound and promises future posts on corner grocery stores.

All My Ancestors chose Plainview Hardware as the basis for her memory but mentions several other stores of the past.

Terry over at Hill County of Monroe County quite appropriately blogs about his father's own store.

Laura over at Life at the Home20 shares her memories of the stores of Amarillo, Texas. Those S & H Green Stamps just keep cropping up in posts! Maybe we should be asking folks if they licked them like Laura did or used a wet sponge as we did if we waited too long to paste them in those little books.

Late Additions:

Diane at Canada Genealogy, or, 'Jane's Your Aunt' tells us all about the stores she remembers being in downtown Vancouver.

I was browsing some other blogs and found Elyse's entry, My Favorite Memories of Stores. One of those she recalls is Fred Meyers.

Jessica of Jessica's Genejournal submits Stores I Remember with memories of G & W, Imperial Pizza, Farmer Jack, and others.


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