Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Thingers - August 19, 2008

Here is today’s question courtesy of Boston Bibliophile:

LT and RL (real life)- do you have friends in real life that you met through LibraryThing? Have you attended any LT meet-ups in your area? Would you be open to attending meet-ups or is LT strictly an online thing for you?

I currently have 13 LibraryThing friends. I know 7 of these in real life. I have another 3 pending friends. I know two of those in real life. (They just haven't checked lately.) Three of the other friends and the other pending one are known through blogging. I know a pretty high percentage of my private watch list. I know a few of my "interesting" libraries.

We have not had any LibraryThing meetings in our area; however, Tim came and spoke to the Association of Christian Librarians Conference in the Greater Boston area this summer. There's a photo of Tim and the "LibraryThing groupies" in this earlier post. I would be open to meetings in our area if they fit with my schedule.


YGL said...

Yay for us groupies!!! =) I've been meaning to ask - if us other groupies in the pic want to post it up on our own site, do you have a problem with that? (I'm going to crop it so I don't look quite so crazy - I thought the camera wouldn't have been quite so wide angle and thought I had to lean in to be sure I was in the picture!)

Lori Thornton said...

I don't have a problem with that, YoungGeekyLibrarian. Go ahead and post and crop away!