Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boston Diary - June 11

Today was a busy day at the conference. After devotions, I had to run to a different building where I was co-presenting with 3 other librarians about Web 2.0 technologies. Today was vendor day so all the exhibits were open after that presentation. We had sandwiches for lunch. There were two presentation sessions in the afternoon which I attended. Then we had section meetings. After that was a CPI (Christian Periodicals Index) indexers meeting. It was actually during the supper/dinner time period in a smaller dining room, but some of us decided to go eat seafood afterwards. We went to Tony's Clam Shop here in Quincy. Folks around here had been raving about it, but I told them they need to go to Kennebunkport to the Clam Box. The clams in Maine are much better! Of course, Tony's did have better clams than we get in Tennessee. (Sorry, I didn't take a photo.) I'm calling it an early night!

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