Sunday, June 08, 2008

Boston Diary - June 7

It's off to Cape Cod with a small group of fellow librarians! First, a stop for breakfast in Quincy at a little place called Barry's Deli. Everyone loved their breakfast, and most of the group that is staying on the campus of Eastern Nazarene is planning to go their for breakfast Sunday morning. I had a bacon, egg, and cheese omelet which came with home fries and toast. One of the regulars helped us find where they hid the boxes of individual jam servings.

Our first stop on the Cape was at the Christmas Tree shops in Sandwich. Now, you might expect to find Christmas trees, ornaments, etc. at a place with such a name, but they had everything. I purchased some maple syrup as a gift, a really nice straw beach tote, and some postcards.

We got to see a boat loaded with lobster traps.
This is the group of librarians on our trip. Of course, I was taking the picture so I'm not in it! (L-R: Ruth, Mary, Patty, Tami, Laura, Sandy)
Houses are very close to the beach in some places.
They also have some very large houses!

The gardens all over the island were immaculate!

We had lunch at J.T.'s Seafood Restaurant in Brewster. I had another lobster roll. The one in Ipwich was tastier!
The Nauset Light.
The Three Sisters Lighthouses.
The Chatham Light.
Beach in Chatham.

Another view of the Chatham Light.
The harbor in Chatham.
This house is trying to hide, but I caught it!
I love this little boat. It has such character!
Reliving the 1960s! Don't you love it?
We had supper at The Captain's Table in Chatham. This is the broiled seafood platter. It had scallops, shrimp, cod, and flounder.
The harbor in Harwich at dusk.
No ACL trip is ever complete without ice cream. We stopped in Plymouth at Friendly's. The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream special was tasty!
It was much cooler on the Cape than it was back in Boston so I'm glad we went! I got back to my hotel at 11 p.m. That's why this post is late getting here. The heat is still oppressive today so I'm mostly staying in the a/c. It's too hot to do too much.


Bill West said...

You were in some of my old stomping
grounds! I was a camp counselor
in Brewster back in the late 60's
and early 70's. We used to take the
kids to Nauset Beach.

And I've eaten at Barry's. I'm not
sure of the connection but I've been told he's related by marriage to one of my cousins. Great food there!

Lori Thornton said...

Bill, I noticed that Brigham's is right down the street from Barry's so I plan to hit it soon!