Thursday, June 05, 2008

Boston Diary - June 5

Last night was my last night to stay in the Back Bay on this trip. I moved this afternoon to a hotel nearer the location for the Association of Christian Librarians Conference which will be held in Quincy. I was excited because friends from Tennessee would also be arriving.

I thought I'd share a couple of views from my room at the hotel. This is the part of Newbury which I suppose is really to the west of the hotel. You can see the Sheraton and the Westin Hotels that are connected to the convention center and the "Pru" in the photo.

In this next one, I apologize for the glare, but you know how it is in the early morning shooting through the glass window! The big tall building all the way to the left is the John Hancock tower.
This is what the Bay Window Room looks like with all my junk when I was packing. I half-way made up the bed for the picture. I don't know why I didn't think to take one before I had all my stuff out.
I went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and had one of their bacon, egg, and cheese bagels. I wanted a "hot" breakfast this morning but I also wanted it fast so I could get back to the room and finish packing.

I spent the rest of the morning at NEHGS, working mostly with Rockingham County, New Hampshire records. Right before lunch, I took a look at some Berkshire County, Massachusetts records. (I was hoping for a little time to browse just enough records to see if two families I believe migrated together from that area could be found there. I can take one family back several more generations, but the other family is a bit more mysterious.)

Pretty soon, it was time for lunch. I had one more place in the Back Bay on my list, but I wasn't really in the mood to spend the money at that place so I decided to ask a staff member at NEHGS what she liked to eat. She named two or three of her favorites, but I decided to try the Thai Basil.
I chose the Mango Curry. Here's the rice (and a little carrot flower with a pea center) . . .
. . . and here's the curry! Of course, I poured the curry over the rice. Well, actually I spooned it over the rice.
The food lived up to its reputation, and Thai food is definitely not available in Morristown!

I went back to NEHGS where I decided to finish up a little research begun the day before on my Ward family. I came up with some interesting questions. As I was looking through a compiled genealogy on the family, I immediately recognized a problem in the research. The compiler had a fifty-two-year old woman marrying for the first time and having several children after that. I can't wait to decipher that mystery, but I'll have to work on it at a later date.

I knew that my friends from Knoxville would be arriving before too late so I decided to leave around 3 p.m. and catch a taxi to the other hotel. My friends were a little later than expected, but we eventually met up.

We were choosing a place to eat in the Quincy area so that no trip into Boston where both the Red Sox and Celtics were playing was necessary. I found a place called Tullio's that sounded promising. When we drove by, my friend's father said that it didn't look like a place he'd want to eat. I pointed to all the cards in the parking lot and the people entering the restaurant. He pulled in at the next restaurant down the road which turned out to be like a Subway. He wasn't in the mood for sandwiches. We ended up going back to Tullio's. The parking lot was full, but we noticed someone leaving the building so we waited on them to pull out and grabbed their place. I ordered the Tullio's White Stone Pie. It's goat cheese, fresh mozarella, aged parmesan, with garlic and herb oil. The crust was wonderful. I'm a huge fan of thin crust, and this one was wonderful!

Oh, yes, my friend's dad is a Tullio's convert! He says he could eat there every meal and not get tired of it! You know me . . . I want diversity!

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