Friday, June 06, 2008

Boston Diary - June 6, Part 2

This is the "Old Manse." It was built by Emerson's grandfather in 1770. Emerson and Hawthorne wrote here. You probably know Hawthorne's story collection "Mosses from an Old Manse." If not, there are many places online where you can download it for free.
I loved the wildflowers beside the Old Manse.
North Bridge. It was here the "shot that was heard around the world" was fired.
You can see one of the monuments in the background.
Lunch time! It's off to the Colonial Inn in Concord.
I had the Colonial Chicken Pot Pie. It came with mashed potatoes, asparagus, carrots, and cranberry relish! Oh, the rolls they served while you were waiting were wonderful too! Yes, it was tasty! (Of course I added salt and pepper as needed.)
Outside the Colonial Inn. Don't you love these flowers? Can anyone identify them?
Downtown Concord. It's quaint and charming!
Now, it's off to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Here's Emerson's grave. (The marker was hard to read in person too!)
Louisa May Alcott's grave site.
Hawthorne's burial place.
Thoreau's plot.

Orchard House. This is where Louisa May Alcott lived.
Sorry about the flash glare, but it was either that or the power lines in the other picture. This one was shot through the car's windshield. This is The Wayside which was the home of the Alcotts, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Margaret Sidney at various times. The brochures says that it is the only home that Hawthorne ever owned.
We went back to the hotel where the ACL board is meeting and had dinner with them. I had soup (clow chowder - which we know is pronounced "chow-dah" around here) and a half sandwich (ham & cheese on wheat). No photos.
Then I took the T back into Boston where I grabbed cannolis from Mike's Pastry for everyone who wanted one. (see this earlier entry in this series for the cannoli description) I brought back a few extra. Yes, they are just as good the second time around! Everyone else who was trying them for the first time agreed!


Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Ooh, I love the Colonial Inn! My father and I had Christmas dinner there several years ago, and the food was wonderful.

Boston is such an intersting town. Thanks for sharing your photos and stories.

maggie moran said...

Love the grave markers and the houses! What fun! :)

Lori Thornton said...

Elizabeth, the food is still wonderful. Maggie, authors and tombstones! The best of libraries and genealogy!