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Monday, June 09, 2008

Boston Diary - June 8

It was too hot to do much of anything today. I grabbed coffee in the hotel and ate another one of those cannoli from Mike's Pastry for breakfast. Then I went to church. Instead of heading into Boston, I went to the Church adjacent to the campus of Eastern Nazarene College where our conference is being held. I've been to a few services in Nazarene churches before, but this was the first time I'd ever experienced a liturgical service in one. I didn't feel so badly when I heard several Nazarene librarians saying the same thing!

For lunch we headed to Finian's in Quincy. We'd read that they had a great Sunday brunch and very good Boston scrod. I had the opportunity to try a few new things. There was a scrod au gratin that was interesting. I also had banana fritters which were new to me and grape nuts custard. They were all good. You can see some of the other things I had in this photo.

Most of the day, I just tried to keep cool. We went back to the campus to meet up with others who were arriving, including one of my colleagues. It was nice to visit everyone, and it was also nice to have a day of rest.

I had supper at Chipotle Grill. We don't have one in Knoxville, but the person I went with said that others are better than this one which just opened in Quincy.

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