Monday, March 10, 2008

Baby Name Meme

Randy wants to know "if you had a chance to name your children again, what names would you choose to honor your ancestors?"

I have no children so I'm going to rephrase it and ask what I'd name children if I had them to honor my ancestors.


Laura Elizabeth - This would honor Laura Lucy Taylor and her mother Elizabeth "Betsey" Dearborn Taylor. Laura was actually supposed to have been my name, but my cousin came along a few months before I did and "stole my name."

Daisy Marie - This would honor an aunt and a great aunt. I like the name Daisy, and since I used Elizabeth in the above name, I had to find something that sounded good as a middle name.

Other female names I might use would include Hannah and Abigail (since I could call the girl "Abby") which would honor direct-line colonial ancestors.


James Stephen - I have so many ancestors named James that I would certainly have to use that name. There's a lot of James Thorntons; there are also James Allred

John Thomas - I have John E. Fowlkes, John Hester, and a lot of John Perkins. Thomas would honor Thomas Duke as well as several Thomas Perkins.

Other direct-line names include Nathan, Benjamin, Samuel, Isaac, Richard, and many others which could be used.

Names I wouldn't use:

Female - Gillie, Ursula, Nona, Berniece, Estelle, Henrietta, Selah, Lovica.

Male - Drewry, Prince, Archibald, Capus, Isham, Gabriel, Godfrey.

I'm sure I could come up with more of those if I spent more time thinking!

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