Monday, March 10, 2008

Reading Roundup 3/10/08

A link to this article about the state of libraries in the United Kingdom was posted in the comments of one of my posts. I wanted to share it with everyone. It appears that we Americans aren't the only ones seeing a decline in literacy. I really enjoyed the following quote from that article:

Reading is demanding, especially for children. It requires more attention and concentration than checking your emails or listening to music. If those other options are provided, as they are in our new look libraries sorry, think centres then children will take them, and who can blame them? Reading is the path of most resistance. Ultimately it is the path of most reward, too, but you can't expect a child to know that instinctively when all the cultural signposts around them are saying the opposite.

I enjoyed Mass Moment's post on Plum Island.

Brumley also received a post to read from someone who read his post the day he hijacked my blog. I can only hope that Brumley doesn't take up some of the vocabulary found in the post.

New Hampshire Photo Tour's Drift photo is making me wish that our weekend snow had stuck. [But then, anyone who reads my blog regularly knows how much I miss having snow that sticks. The 15 inches they got in Cincinnati over the weekend made me reminisce about the last time I saw that much.]

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