Saturday, March 08, 2008

Brief Conference Report

I went to the Sevier County Conference today. As bad weather was predicted, I opted to stay in a hotel in Sevierville on Friday night. The turn-out was small this year because of the weather. I was told that more were present for Friday's sessions. The snow, which had been predicted to start earlier, actually began about 8 a.m. It mainly just blew and blew and blew but didn't stick.

There was supposed to have been an archivists' roundtable. I really don't know what that was going to be, but the archivists who were supposed to be there didn't show up, so Mark did a shortened version of his "My Ancestor, the Farmer" presentation. He remembered that I'd always wanted to hear him do that presentation but that for some reason that my presentation at a conference gets scheduled at the same time as his (when it's on the program) so I've always missed it. That was a nice "bonus" treat for the few who stayed that late.

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